Hepatocellular carcinoma


The autopsy showed this hepatocellular carcinoma occupying much of the volume of a cirrhotic liver. Furthermore, the tumor had invaded the diaphragm and ruptured into the peritoneal cavity, causing the bloody ascites. The photo shows a view of a longitudinal slice taken through the full length of the liver. The photos were shot with a Minolta X-370 with 100mm bellows lens on Kodak Elite ISO 100 transparency film. The specimen was sliced fresh and fixed in formalin overnight, then briefly immersed in 70% alcohol to retrieve some of the native color and dull the surface reflections. Courtsey: Ed Uthman, MD. 


Acute myelomonocytic leukemia

 Bone marrow: Acute myelomonocytic leukemia with increased marrow Eosinophils (AML-M4EO). Bone marrow smear from a 22-year-old male with AML-M4 with increased marrow eosinophils and an associated inv(16) chromosome abnormality. The eosinophil precursors in this field show prominent basophilic-staining granules. These granules react with CAE and MPO. (Wright-Giemsa stain)


Metastatic Melanoma in lymph node

This 6.5-centimeter mass was removed from the axilla of a middle-aged woman, who was a longtime resident of a developmental center for the severely disabled. She was unable to give any history, but there was no medical record of a primary melanoma, and we were unable to find any biopsy scars at the time of surgery. The dark brown color of the cut surface provided a clue to the diagnosis, an unusual finding in metastatic melanomas, which are more typically amelanotic (like the upper right segment of this specimen). Pigment was easily demonstrated in the tumor cells at frozen section, allowing a definitive diagnosis intraoperatively.


Courtesy: Ed Uthman, MD


Interstitial lung disease

 Honey comb lung of end-stage interstitial lung disease.

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