Ureter and ovarian artery: Relation

"Water flows under the bridge"


The ureter (which carries water) is posterior to ovarian artery (testicular artery in males).




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Did you know?

imageClinical importance: It is a common surgical error to cut the ureter instead of ovarian artery while removing uterus. To avoid this, it is essential to identify the ovarian artery during pelvic surgeries.


The ureter passes under the uterine artery in females and the ductus deferens in the males in the pelvis. The gonadal arteries cross the ureter in its middle 1/3 in the abdominal cavity where it overlies posas major.
In pelvic surgery, particularly during hysterectomy, the ureter is at risk when the uterine artery is ligated and divided.

It is uterine artery and not ovarian artery. The Uterine artery after arising from the anterior division of Internal Iliac artery descends down and runs medially towards the lateral wall of the uterus to anastomose with the ovarian artery. in this process before it could run on the lateral wall of the uterus it crosses the ureter.

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