Acne In Adult Men And Its Origin

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 Acne tends to leave lifelong scars which can be both emotional and physical which most men assume is behind them once they reach their twenties. To some men acne is a bad credit rating to their lives no matter what they do, for it keeps on humiliating them by not wanting to go away. The cause of acne in men is not fully established but some includes diet, fewer hours of sleep and stress however dermatologists are in a position to identify the causes in each patient.

It is not as severe as it would be in the stage of adolescent but can also tend to give men a flashback of their high school, which easily sends them scrambling for treatment. Fortunate enough for men treatment has been advanced and is much better, hence no need to allow you to suffer.


The disease may not be dangerous but it is distressing and very common which affects more people after adolescence. The same causes of the disease in teenagers may also cause pimples and clogged pores in adult men. Blackheads, whiteheads and other forms of the disease mostly do develop as a result of excess oil which is released into the hair follicles and mixed with the cells of the skin.


This subsequently clogs the skin pores and traps in bacteria and if the immune system tries to treat it, it may cause bacteria and also cause inflammation and redness near the affected area being affected. The major cause of skin production of excess oil is hormones. Hormonal changes are commonly in teenagers though they can continue to cause over-production of oil in us.


This disease unfortunately for some is genetic and finding the best treatment solution is easy as compared to changing your gene pool. Women tend to get freaked out about the fact they have acquired it not realizing that men also have the same problem. Whatever gender it still leaves a stigma on people which cause one to have a low self esteem.


A greater population of the world associates this disease with being dirt or unhygienic making them to want to employ ways of getting rid of it at all cost. For men who want to get rid of it, try less shaving which is probably the way forward which will automatically treat inflammation and pimples. If this does not work you should search the market for a good thin shaving solution or use an electric shaver which will prevent accidental pimple cuts.


If you have a permanent scar you can try to use a scrub that is gentle to shed the layers of the skin. If this does not work either I do suggest that you consult your dermatologist to find out about the laser scar treatment. Whatever treatment that is used to treat adolescents or adults it does respond to similar treatment ingredients which helps in the curing of pimples, scars, inflammation, whiteheads and blackheads.


Acne treatment product and kits for both men and women share the same ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide acid and skin soothing solutions such as aloe leaf extracts and chamomile. Salicylic acid clears the skin by brushing away cells on the skin covering facial pores locking in excess oil and bacteria which in turn cures acne. When you use these two ingredients together with the skin calming product it tends to minimize dryness, inflammation and redness and the result is an acne free skin.



My name is Hama Letha. I am a professional medical doctor who helps individuals deal with skin issues. Apart from being as a medical instructor, I am helping people with all types of acne. This is a disease that irritates and could wear down your confidence and self-value, and am here to help you make things right no matter your gender or age.


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