Bronchiectasis: Causes


  • Airway lesion (chronic obstruction)
  • Sequestration
  • Infection, Inflammation
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Kartagner's syndrome
  • Allergic brochopulmonary aspergilliosis
  • Immunodeficiencies (hypogammaglobinaemia, myeloma, lymphoma)
  • Reflux inhalation injury
  • William Campbell syndrome (and other congenital ones)
  • Aspiration
  • Yellow nail syndrome/ Young's syndrome

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Did you know?

imageWilliams-Campbell syndrome is a disorder involving a reduction or absence of cartilage in the bronchi which affects lung functioning.
imageYoung's syndrome is a combination of obstructive azoospermia and chronic sinopulmonary infections. The azoospermia is due to obstruction of the epididymis by inspissated secretions.

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