Systemic Rhinosporidiosis

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Case, histopathology report, surgery, discussion, Rhinosporidiosis  is  a  sporadic  chronic granulomatous  disease chiefly affecting the  mucocutaneous  tissue, caused  by R. Seeberi, epidemiology. 

(a) Benign
      1. Nasal (70%)
      2. Nasopharyngeal (16%) - upper palate
      3. Mixed (3%)
      4. Bizarre - conjunctiva, Tarsal
(b) Malignant
    - also called generalised Rrhinosporidiosis
    - termed so as the infection is deep seated, multiple spreads by systemic route and difficult to eradicate

Clinical features

  • Painless, slow growing
  • Single/ multiple
  • Sessile/ pedunculated
  • Papillary process from epith. hyperplasia- cauliflower look
  • Soft, friable, red
  • Verrucous

Histology, Immunology, Differential diagnosis- fibroangioma, neurofibroma, malignant neoplasms, granulomatous lesions, lipoma


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