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LifeHugger is an 'open access' medical website built by a medical student, Nishanth B Singh based on the simple idea of 'Sharing What We Know!'. Growing over the years, this platform now has thousands of clinicians sharing content and an ever increasing number of users finding the website useful. LifeHugger is an innovative way to share medical content, entirely dedicated to education and health.


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  • Add or upload content – Mnemonics, Powerpoints, Videos and Images
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The website allows users to share, review and improve content. LifeHugger has grown in terms of content, visitors and trusted users. At the development quarter, we have been adding more features so that the site continues to be run efficiently. And, all content at LifeHugger, is stored on the servers of a certified green webhost. For a healthier and greener tomorrow. 


Online Partners

EduLanche: Initiative to guide students preparing for competitive exams.

Online Exams Software

QLanche: Online exams software.





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